- Hair anatomy

- Cuts and styles according to face shapes

- 15 types of hair cuts

- Perming for long, medium and short hair

- Shampoo and conditioning

- Henna application

- Dye application and related allergies

- Head Massage

- Thermal setting like crimping and pressing, roller setting and tong setting

- Blow dry setting according to cuts

- Hair coloring

- Re-bonding

- Treatment for falling hair, dandruff & split ends

- Deep conditioning

- Hair spa

- 25 types of hairstyles

Duration: 3 Months

Hair Courses


"Diploma in Hair Intensive" is a course for those who wish to gain complete knowledge of hair, from anatomy to chemical treatments like; coloring, re-bonding and perming with best products in the industry. With a creative mind, you can actually transform this knowledge into a lucrative profession. It is one of the most-popular course - done even by boys - who want to pursue their career as ace hair dressers.



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