- The symptoms, causes and techniques to treat various skin problems such as;

- Acne problem and acne scars

- Burn marks

- Chicken pox marks

- Wrinkles and fine lines

 -Pigmentation & freckles, ,

- Puffy eyes

- Under eye dark circles

- Open pores

- Dark/dull Complexion

- Sagging Skin

- Learn to use machines like yellow/red laser, galvanic, ozone, micro-derma abrasion, micro massager, rod/pads face lifting, ultrasonic, infra red lamp, different kinds of streamers, photo facial machine etc.

- Breast development & firming treatment.

- Slimming treatment.

DURATION : 1 Month

Beauty Courses


A certificate in skin treatments teaches you everything related to skin, anatomy of skin to the technique of treating it. We teach through the latest equipments available for the treatments. Learn various types of facials and slimming techniques. One month is all it takes to pave an open path towards success. Now, say no to skin problems and help others getting that ever shiny skin through our course in Skin Treatment. Be a doctor of beauty and spread holiness!


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