- Skin Analysis

- Knowledge of machines

- Knowledge of color pigments, needles

- Mixing colors

- Eyebrow shaping

- Permanent Eye liner

- Permanent Kajal

- Permanent Beauty spot

- Permanent lip liner and lip color

- Color of leucoderma patches



Duration: 10 Days

Makeup Courses


There are a large number of working women and students want to look their best without going through the hassle of everyday grooming and makeup. Other than that there are people who suffer from certain disorders in features such as; light eyebrows, any accidental cut or grey hair in eyebrows, improper shape of lips, darkened lips and many others. This course gives you the magic wand to solve such problems permanently. This course will make you an exceedingly qualified trained artist who can give their clients a confidence to look beautiful naturally and permanently with no flaws at all.

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