- Theoretical knowledge and making of products

- Knowledge of chemicals, extracts of herbs, colors, perfumes, oils, preservatives, manufacturing machines and packaging of products

- Shampoos like transparent & opaque, shampoo with conditioners.

- Creams of oily skin, normal and dry skin, cleansing milk, hand and body lotion, creamy face wash, hair conditioner, sun protection cream.

- Preparation of rose water, skin tonic, hair tonic, astringent, hair gel, face gel, quality nail paint remover, talc, prickly heat talcum, perfumes and acne lotion.

- Dry/creamy face packs, apricot scrub, beauty grains, thermo-herb, under eye and acne pack.

- Herbal hair oil, slimming oil, pain relieving oil, cuticle oil, hair spray, eye lotion, washing soaps etc.


DURATION : 10 Days

Beauty Courses


Cosmetology course helps you create your own brand of quality cosmetics at the most affordable price and also create reliable source of great income. Once you introduce them to your clients, these products ensure definite and desired effects as only right ingredients in the right quantity, processed in the right way, go into their formation. This course is therefore said as the right formula for success.


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