Makeup Courses

CBHM (Certificate in Beauty, Hair & Makeup)

This is a short duration, yet highly comprehensive course. The beauty industry is highly dynamic in nature. To excel in this field you have to have your basics right. Your ground level knowledge should be nothing short of 10 on 10. The course covers both basic and advance levels of beauty and hair.  "Certificate in Beauty Hair and Makeup" course is the first step to enter the beauty world. In a nut shell, this comprehensive course covers a wide range of beauty and hair aspects. Once you have mastered the skills, you can create and enhance your beauty like never before.

- Anatomy & physiology of skin

- Nutrition & allergy along with skin care

- Kit preparation for Threading, eye brows shaping etc

- Type of waxing, Contraindication

- Red/Katori wax usage and precautions

- Types of bleaching, skin analysis, and application of each

- Body Massage with the knowledge of pressure points

- Basic manicure

- Basic pedicure

- Use of ozone machine

- Knowledge of machines according to facials

- 10 Types of facials

- Water proof and corrective make up

- Transparent, Party & Bridal Make-up etc.

- 5 Types of saree tying

- Hair Anatomy

- 10 Types of Hair Cuts

- 20 Hairstyle

- Rebonding

- Perming for long, medium and short hair

- Shampoo and Conditioning

- Henna

- Dye application and allergies

- Hair Color key 1 (Reflects not included)

- Types of Head Massage with pressure points

- Thermal hair settings

- Face shapes & how to advice cuts & styles according to it.

DURATION : 6 Months

Help Line : 09871444666, 09212444666